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300mg CBD Oil for Cats - FelineZen

300mg CBD Oil for Cats - FelineZen

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Does your cat experience anxiety, litter box issues, or occasional stress? Watch their purrs increase with FelineZen, the purr-fect broad-spectrum CBD oil designed for calming and comfort.

Unlock serenity for your feline friend:

    • Calm & Content: Help ease hyperactivity, and stress with gentle, natural CBD support.
    • Happy Litter Box: Say goodbye to litter box woes and promote relaxed bathroom habits.
    • Natural Harmony: Made with organic hemp & wild-caught salmon oil for pure, delicious goodness.
    • Feline-Approved Flavor: No funky additives, just a taste cats crave for effortless acceptance.
    • Tailored for Wellbeing: Supports your cat's unique needs, promoting calmness and a happier life.

Give your furry friend the gift of purrfect tranquility with FelineZen CBD oil. Order now and witness the difference!

The journey of creating "FelineZen" is inspired by the tranquil moments we share with our cats – the gentle purring during a lazy afternoon or the soft nudge while reading your favorite book. It's formulated to integrate seamlessly into their daily routine, complementing those peaceful instances with a touch of serenity.

Imagine a product that not only aligns with your cat's natural preferences but also elevates their everyday experiences. "FelineZen" is more than just a CBD oil for cats; it's a harmonious blend that speaks the language of feline finesse and wellbeing.

Welcome your cat into a world where tranquility meets natural elegance. With "FelineZen," you're not just giving them a product; you're enhancing their moments of Zen. Because when it comes to our beloved felines, only the best will do. 

Every label features an actual Mellow Mammals customer... Who's on this label?

Meet Tip Toe (Magoo): Tip came into this world born in the back of a boat stored at a friend's house in April 2018; we think Tip Toe is part Maine Coon. He is a very active, large, and vocal kitty. He is full of energy and loves taking Mellow Mammals CBD every morning. He absolutely loves getting pushed around in a baby stroller every chance he gets. And while he is a big kitty now, he still tries his best to get into small confined spaces, like under a couch, behind a couch, or in one of his favorite spots, inside a box. He has a great disposition and brings joy to our family often. 

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