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Make the most out of the time you have together.

Life gets stressful for you and them... cannabidiol works with the endocannabinoid system to provide many health benefits from pain to relaxation.  You and your animal baby deserve a pain and stress-free life together.

It is our mission to provide the very best products on the planet for you and them to enjoy every moment life has to offer.

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Two brands, One Mission: To provide your Pet and You with the best and safest cbd products on this planet!

Cannabidiol Has Been Shown Through Research To Help With:*

Pain Relief

Reducing Inflammation

Soothing Anxiety

Helping With Better Sleep

Gut Disorders

Balancing the Endocannabinoid System


Highly Recommend!

I suffer from chronic lower back pain and had been taking ibuprofen, tylenol and/or naproxen multiple times a day just to get through...  After I started taking Classic Me Enhanced 1000mg CBD oil nightly, I woke feeling refreshed and rested!  I feel as though I sleep deeper and wake virtually pain free!  Now, I no longer need any other pain meds to make it through the day!  I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone that suffers from chronic pain!

Misty W.

They Love their Mellow Mammals Treats!

I have two puggles that take them.  We use them as night time treats.  They are very excited for bedtime to come! 

Anne O.

loving it!

We are absolutely loving the Mellow Mammals 250mg Calming Drops for our two-year old chihuahua mix breed!  He gets anxious and protective around strangers and we find a few drops of oil before we know guests are coming, makes a world of difference for him and our guests.  He is still the same goofy dog, just more "chill."

Christina C.

You and Your Pet Deserve the Best!

Mellow Mammals is a veteran-owned, family-run, small business that only exists to provide you and your pet baby with the very best all natural, organic hemp extract products on the planet.

Proudly made in the USA!

Mellow Mammals works with American Organic Hemp Farmers, American FDA Inspected Hemp Manufacturing Facilities and American Certified Laboratories to ensure that you and your mammal are receiving the very best hemp extract products on the market.

Trust is earned...

We use no fluff marketing and no deceptive tactics.. Mellow Mammals Will always work to earn your trust with honesty and transparency. You and your pets health is our main and only concern.

Why choose Us?

Our main mission is simple...  Honesty!  We aim to provide the very best quality CBD products on the planet for you and your pet.  We know this is what every CBD brand says...  just another marketing line, right?!?  Wrong!  Our products are unique, because our approach to creating them is unique.

We start with medicinal quality hemp strains that are grown by registered hemp farmers right here in the United States, (Utah and Colorado).  We import NOTHING for our products!  Our farmers are held to extremely high standards for regulatory compliance and undergo testing to ensure their hemp plants stay well below the 0.3% federal levels of THC, are not grown with pesticides or other chemicals and are free from heavy metals.  Hemp is a plant that will "clean" the soil by absorbing harmful chemicals, this is why it is so important to ensure that the products you are thinking about using for yourself or your pet has been tested for the presence of these contaminants.

Our manufacturing partners are all registered with the FDA and are also regularly inspected to ensure GMP compliance at all times.  This ensures a safe product for you and your pet.  Our products undergo a series of lab tests to ensure they are safe and labeling is accurate.  This testing begins in the hemp fields, is done in-house during the manufacturing process and a final series of tests are completed by a third-party independent laboratory by us before we add them to our inventory.

Our CBD products use only natural ingredients, no fillers and no additives!  Our products are created from supercritical CO2 extraction methods using the entire plant profile.  Then the CBD is removed and isolated in a nearly pure form, (99.64%).  This CBD isolate is then added to a carrier oil (hemp seed oil) for our tinctures, or used in the creation of our dog treats.  By taking the time and extra steps involved in isolating the CBD from all other cannabinoids of the hemp plant, our products have ZERO THC.

Pets are very sensitive to the effects of THC and most people must take drug tests for their work and any level of THC could result in a positive test.  Therefore, most of our products are CBD isolate based and have no THC.

Our human-grade line of products was created under the "Classic Me" brand name.  This line of products features CBD that has been especially crafted for specific aliments, such as, anxiety, pain, sleep support...  We go the extra step of adding terpenes and flavonoids back into the product in specifically calculated amounts to ensure the greatest potency for the desired effects.  It is well known in the scientific world that terpenes have properties that are helpful for different aliments, such as Humulene for its anti-inflammatory properties.  We will continue to add specially formulated CBD products as we grow and expand our reach.