• Happy and calm, black lab dog looking at the camera with a woman's hand holing a bottle of 600mg CBD calming oil for Mellow Mammals outside in the sun.

    Honest CBD oil designed for your dog. USA grown hemp. Third-party lab tested for safety.

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Honest CBD oil designed for your dog. USA grown hemp. Third-party lab tested for safety.

Helping your dog live a healthier happier and calmer life is our passion.

Supporting Mellow Mammals means supporting a family not a shareholder...

US Army veteran company. Founded and operated on the "LDRSHIP" principle.

A Mellow Dog is a Happy Dog...

I want a Mellow Dog

Mellow Mammals makes it easy to find the perfect CBD oil for you dog...

We Are Pets Before Profits

Mellow Mammals cares about your dog... We care because we're pet parents too!

Our dog, "Buddy" was the reason we started this journey in the first place. Now, through hard work and dedication, he has risen through the ranks to become our Chief Tasting Officer! It is his job to make sure every dog product has his stamp of approval before being released for sale, and he takes his job very seriously! If it's good enough for our dog, it's good enough for your dog.

We realize that any brand can proclaim they're "Pets before Profits" and 'talk the talk'... but Mellow Mammals proves it through our actions becuse we 'walk the walk!'

This starts with our packaging and product vessels. We source home compostable stand-up pouches instead of using plastic jars. We use only the highest quality, patented glassware that is formulated to block harmful UV rays for our CBD oil products. Our bottle and dropper combination provides an air-tight seal to keep the CBD oil as fresh as possible for as long as possible. No other CBD brand is doing this!

When other CBD brands seek out the cheapest options for lab testing and only test for potency levels, Mellow Mammals partners with a DEA certified hemp testing facility and tests every batch for: Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Mycotoxins, Potency levels and Terpene profile to ensure your dog recieves the safest product.

We offer ALWAYS free shipping on all orders! We don't make you buy more just to "qualify" for free shipping, like other CBD brands do. It's pretty hard to justify "pets before profits" when your business is structured for profits first... talk to you other CBD brands!

None of this is without added cost, but, we do all this WITHOUT passing the cost on to you. We have structured our product pricing to be affordable for you and allow for growth for us... we believe this is a responsible approach to running a business and a win for you, a win for us and a win for your dog...

Mellow Mammals lives "Pet's Before Profits" in everything we do!!

Mellow Mammals quality starts with the bottle and dropper

"We are absolutely loving the CBD drops with our 2 year old chihuahua mix breed!"

Christina C. - Genoa, IL

"Its nice to work with a team who cares about my baby just as much as I do. 10/10, always recommend to my friends, near or far."

Joni P. - Hanover Park, IL

"Great customer service! I’ll be happy when my dogs won’t have to deal with joint pain."

Jennifer R. - Chicago, IL

"I highly recommend this product and hope that everyone that tries the Oil has as much success as we have in our dog family :)"

Christina W. - Pleasant Hill, MO

" My 13 year old is walking like she is 6 again. Vets are impressed with the improvement of her walking as well."

Amy C. - St. Charles, IL

Why Mellow Mammals?

Tan circle with a bark brown circle and slash over the letters THC to create a logo to indicate ZERO THC.

THC free products that are safe for your dog...

Your dog's brain has so many more receptors that are activated by THC than your brain does. This can lead to a negative experience, aggression and anxiety for some dogs when they are exposed to full-spectrum CBD products that have high levels of THC. A recent report has found that many full-spectrum CBD products tested for higher than legal limits of THC. Mellow Mammals has the THC removed during the extraction process to ensure your dog has the best chance at a great experience with our products!

A tan circle with a dark brown line drawing of an award and thumbs up to create a logo representing Quality

Quality that is real, not marketing speak...

Mellow Mammals uses a patented glass bottle that is formulated to block harmful UV rays, has a higher tread count at the neck for an airtight dropper seal and is thicker to help protect the product from heat. We are the only pet CBD brand that is actively addressing ways to keep the CBD from degrading in the bottle and remaining effective for as long as possible. We are also one of the only pet CBD brands that complete a full panel lab test on every batch that we produce. Most brands test for potency only, we test for potency, heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins and terpenes. Mellow Mammals is trusted quality.

A tan circle with a dark brown, smaller dotted circle with two dark brown arrows indicating rotation to create a logo representing consistency

Consistency from batch to batch...

Mellow Mammals places a focus on consistent and safe products. Our formulators use deconstruction techniques where the hemp extract is seperated into isolated cannabinoids and terpenes, then reintroduced together in very specific formulations. In this way, we are able to create very consistent results from batch to batch... this is not something that is capable with a full-spectrum product. Full-spectrum products will naturally vary from batch to batch because the plants will vary from season to season.

A tan circle with a dark brown outline of a cartoon dog sitting in a calm manner to create a logo for a calm dog. One half of the Mellow Mammals brand logo

Products designed specifically for dogs...

Most CBD brands will offer products for dogs because it offers a chance to increase revenue. They will simply make a new label for an existing human product and slap it on to sell a product for dogs. This can be dangerous to your dog. Sometimes, human products have ingredients added that can be harmful to your dog... these can also be certain terpenes and cannabinoids that are naturally present in the hemp plant. Mellow Mammals specifically designs our products for the targeted animal to ensure our products are safe and effective for your dog.

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Where does CBD come from?

Want to know more about where CBD products come from, how they are created, what CBD is and what CBD can and cannot do? Our founder explains...

Learn About CBD

Introducing... The CBDMythBusters Podcast!

We have a podcast!

The CBDMythBusters podcast is hosted by Garrick Cline, the founder of Mellow Mammals. He and his co-host, Nick, tackle the myths, legends, stories, and history surrounding the world of hemp and CBD.

Created to educate and entertain, the CBDMythBusters podcast will surely become a favorite on your must play list!