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About Us

We are Chicagoland's Premier CBD Pet Products Brand!


Mellow Mammals is a veteran-led, family-owned small business that focuses on all-natural, non-GMO health solutions for the mammals in your life.  We know that the animal buddy in your life is not just a pet, she's a member of your family.  We know this, because we are pet parents as well.


Our mission is “To help you and your pet live a healthier, happier and calmer life.”


We look after our dog, “Buddy” and our cat, “Max" as if they are family, because they are.  We understand that the time we have with them is limited and we want them to be as happy and healthy as they can be.  That's why we are so passionate about Cannabidiol (CBD) and the research-backed health benefits it has for all animals, furry and not.  When we learned about the incredible things CBD was doing for people and animals, we knew we had to be a part of it.

We decided right from the start that we were going to do things differently.  You and your pet deserve honesty, integrity, safety and quality and we were going to provide that.  To honor that commitment, we started by partnering with local, organic hemp farms in our Illinois area.  These small, family-owned and operated farms are perfect for us because we can develop lasting relationships with them, visit them, see the plants and inspect the fields.  We know exactly where our hemp comes from and the conditions it was grown in.

Next, because you and your pet deserve quality, we sought out and partnered with two of the largest hemp manufactures in the Chicagoland area.  Just like with the farmers, we can visit the facility, ensure GMP standards are met and build lasting relationships.  Because of this approach, we are the only seed to sale CBD pet brand in the Chicagoland area.  Mellow Mammals works tirelessly to make sure you and your pet are getting the best CBD products and information available.

Our products are created using the whole hemp plant, not just seeds and stalks.  This is important because too many so-called CBD products are made only from hemp seed oil and not CBD.  Our products start with an extract from the entire hemp plant which contains all the terpenes, flavonoids and cannabinoids present, including CBD. We then have our lab remove the THC while leaving all the other goodies... This broad-spectrum hemp extract is then used to create our proprietary blends that eventually become our line of products. 

The FDA prohibits us, (and all CBD brands), from making any specific health claims for the use of our products but, we encourage you to do your own research prior to purchasing a CBD product from us or anyone else.  Curious about dosing or how long the product will last?  Check out our Dosage Calculator for suggested dosages.

We are excited about CBD and believe in the effects for all the mammals in our lives.  It is our hope you will come to agree with us.

From our family to you.. Thank you for checking us out!