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Certificate Of Analysis Page

Here you will find the links to the various Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for all of our products.  At Mellow Mammals, we believe that your pet's safety as well as your own is of the upmost importance.  That is why we do things differently than other CBD brands.  We partner with local, family-owned and operated, organically grown hemp farms that we visit regularly.  We talk to the farmers to build lasting relationships, walk the fields, touch the plants and know exactly where our hemp flower comes from, how it was grown and how it is cared for.

From there, our hemp flower is transported to our hemp product manufacturers that are also local, which allows us to also build relationships with them.  This means that we know every step of the process from plant to pet.  Our products undergo multiple levels of testing to ensure safety, potency and label accuracy.

Our plants are tested for THC levels and to ensure they are within state and federal compliance levels.  Then, our extracted oil is tested for potency, purity, safety and to ensure no harmful chemicals exist.  The next step is internal potency and safety testing during product development.  The final testing is completed by us before the product is available for retail sale.  We send out a random sample from every batch to an ISO certified, independent laboratory to verify the testing completed previously.

Here you will find the results of the final test for each of our products.

Simply locate the product and click on the Batch ID number and you will be shown the latest test results for that batch.

Bulk Extracts

Bulk CBD from Hemp Extract (Used in our broad-spectrum proprietary blends)


Bulk Hemp Extract

Dog Products

5mg Peanut Butter / Pumpkin Chews


6mg Pumpkin/Bacon Whole Hemp Chews


250mg Small Dog Oil


500mg Medium Dog Oil


1000mg Large Dog Oil


300mg Small Dog "Zen" Blend


600mg Medium Dog "Zen" Blend


1200mg Large Dog "Zen" Blend


150mg CBD Conditioning Dog Shampoo


 Cat Products


300mg Cat Oil - Salmon Blend



Human Products

"Mellow Me" (Formally Known As: Classic Me.)

1000mg Broad Spectrum Oil - Natural Flavored


1000mg Broad Spectrum Oil - Mint Flavored


1000mg Broad Spectrum Oil - Lemon Flavored


1200mg Full Spectrum Oil - Peppermint Flavored


500mg Broad Spectrum Oil - Chocolate Mint Flavored


1500mg Icy Roll-on


750mg Gummies