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Mellow Mammals COA's

Simply locate the product and click on your Batch ID number and you will be shown the latest test results for that batch.

NOTE: Not all products listed below are currently available for sale on our website. Some products have been discontinued, were "limited-time only" products or are products sold only through our retail partners.

Dog Products


Mellow Mammals - 300mg Small Dog "Calming" Blend


Mellow Mammals - 600mg Medium Dog "Calming" Blend


Mellow Mammals - 1200mg Large Dog "Calming" Blend


Mellow Mammals - 1500mg Horse Sugar Cubes


Mellow Mammals - 150mg Dog Shampoo


Human Products


Mellow Me 25mg - Full-Spectrum CBD Gummies (Strawberry/Watermelon)

Mellow Me - 1500mg Full-Spectrum Icy Roll-on

Mellow Me - Extra-Strength, Full-Spectrum CBD Oil - Peppermint Flavor

Mellow Me - Extra-Strength, Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil - Natural Flavor

Mellow Me - Extra-Strength, Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil - Lemon Flavor

Mellow Me - Extra-Strength, Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil - Mint Flavor