COVID-19 Prevention Policy

Health and safety is very important to us.  The health and safety of you, your pets, our workers, our friends, our families, ourselves and our pets is a top priority for us at Classic Me, LLC - DBA: Mellow Mammals. 

We want you to know the procedures and policies that we are following to ensure safety through these troubling times.

All of our products are created under GMP standards in controlled and clean environments.  All workers utilize proper PPE while handling the products and ingredients during production.

Once the products reach our warehouse, the products are disinfected and any added labels are applied (if required) by workers wearing proper PPE in a clean environment.

All products are then stored away from light and heat in a temperature controlled room within a closed storage container.

After an order has been placed, our fulfillment team will take your product and carefully and lovingly place it in the shipping box for shipment to you.  This is done by caring individuals that wear proper PPE while handling your product in a clean environment.

We care about our workers, you and your pet.  This is a trying time for everyone and we are doing what we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Please do your part...  Mask up and keep social distancing!  Together, we can stop the spread and become a better and safer society.