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Dosage Calculators


How much CBD oil do I take?

CBD Math Not Making Sense?

You're not alone!  With the influx of companies jumping on the CBD bandwagon and government agencies slow to accept the power of this amazing natural extract, quality information is difficult to come by.  We are here to educate and help you along your cannabidiol journey.  We created these two dosage calculators to help you determine the proper bottle size, CBD concentrate and number of doses required to meet the needs of you and your pet.


CBD for Your Pet!

CBD dosage calculator for your dog


Use this calculator to easily determine a dosage for the mammal in your life.  The calculations used in this dosage calculator are based off veterinarian recommended low, medium and high per pound CBD doses.  Many of our customers give our tincture products to their pets directly from the dropper, by adding the oil to a treat, to their food or in their water bowl.   


* Number of days oil will last are approximate and intended as a guide only.


 CBD for You!

CBD dosage calculator for you - how much CBD do I take?

This dosage calculator was created to help you determine a CBD dose that could be a starting point for your ideal dosage.  Because CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system differently for everyone, dosage is difficult to standardize for humans.  Each person’s internal deficiency of cannabinoids will vary greatly and will require some patience on your part to determine best dosage.  The milligrams of CBD used in this calculator are merely recommended averages.  What works for one may not work for another.  Use this calculator to determine a starting dosage and adjust every week up or down as needed until you find the dosage that works best for you. 


These calculators are provided for informational use only and are not to be taken as exact science.  Use at your own discretion.  Always seek the advice of a medical professional before using any CBD product.