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Features our "Classic Me" brand of products.

These products are for you, not your pet...  after all,  you're a mammal too!

Classic Me CBD products were created especially for you to help with anxiety, pain, inflammation and much more.  Life gets stressful, pain and inflammation develop and we are here to help.  Cannabidiol, (CBD), has been scientifically proven to help reduce pain, inflammation and axiety.  There are thousands of stories about the many health benefits of this amazing plant extract!

Classic Me CBD is unique because we have focused on these three main concerns when we formulated our oil...  pain relief, reduced inflammation and relief from your anxiety.  We crafted our oil from medicinal quality strains of hemp grown right here in the USA.  Our manufacturing partner is registered with the FDA and is regularly inspected and consistantly passes ensuring all GMP, (Good Manufacturing Practices), are being followed and the products being created are safe.  Our CBD products are then independently lab tested to ensure what we are claiming is in the bottle.  Your health and safety is our main concern.

Relax and "rediscover the classic you, with Classic Me!"


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