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CanineCalm - 600mg CBD to help calm your dog

CanineCalm - 600mg CBD to help calm your dog

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*** Due to changes in the CBD space, and family/Life events, Mellow Mammals will no longer operate in the CBD space. When our CBD products sell out, they are gone forever. ***


Imagine your dog staying calm and happy with fireworks booming, storms crashing, car engines roaring, or guests filling your home... 

That's the power of CanineCalm CBD oil.

Mellow Mammals takes great pride in crafting the very best CBD oil for dogs and CanineCalm is the best on the market to calm your dog, or your money back... GUARANTEED!

Crafted for anxious moments: This premium blend, made with USA-grown, organic hemp, helps your dog stay calm in everyday chaos. From fireworks and thunderstorms to car trips and houseguests, CanineCalm soothes nerves and promotes tranquility.

Nature's calming symphony: Our THC-free formula combines CBD with a special terpene blend, naturally amplifying its calming effect. Think of it as a symphony of serenity for your dog's well-being.

Tailored for canine comfort: We understand dogs have unique needs. Our formula, designed to respect their specific physiology, ensures a joyful and comfortable experience.

Safety you can trust: We hear your concerns about THC. CanineCalm is rigorously tested in DEA-certified labs to be completely THC-free. Plus, our innovative packaging protects the oil's potency with UV-shielding glass and airtight droppers.

More than just oil, it's a promise: As a veteran-led, family-owned company, we pour our passion for dogs into every bottle. With third-party lab testing and readily available COAs, we offer transparency and peace of mind.

CanineCalm isn't just CBD oil, it's a commitment to calmer, happier moments for your dog. Join us in creating a world of serene snuggles and peaceful tail wags, free from anxious moments.


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