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6mg Dog Treats

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6mg Whole Hemp Dog Treats

These pumkin and bacon flavored dog biscuits will surely satisfy your dog's taste buds!  Besides using flavors dogs love, these treats feature a phytocannabinoid rich profile of natures goodness!  Made from USA grown and registered hemp, each treat has 6mg of cannabinoids, including: CBD, CBDA, CBDV, CBG , CBGA, multiple terpenes and flavinoids!  All of the good stuff with no THC ensures maximum health benefits for your pup without the fear of THC poisoning.

Each bag contains approximately 30 treats, (filled by weight), and can help your dog live a healthier and happier life.  

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Customer Reviews

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After giving 1 dose to our aging dog we noticed a difference. So happy we gave it a chance. Refreshingly honest company as well. Thanks

Thank you so much for giving is a chance and for taking a minute to share your experience. We are so happy to hear it is having a positive effect on your aging dog.
CBD treats

my dog took them easily, and they seemed to help him walk. I am waiting for my second bag to arrive. He is in the beginning stages of DM, so I am doing all I can to make him comfortable, until this terrible disease progress

Quality years for my 15 year old Heeler/ Border Collie mix
Thank you for your review and kind words about my artwork... It is a hobby of mine that I enjoy very much. We are super excited that your 'old dog' is finding relief from thunderstorms. Sounds like he has lived a life that has earned him some stress-free moments!
They love them

I have two puggles that take them! We use them for night time treats.

Noticeable effects

I have an Australian Shepherd mix 3 y/o, with anxiety and occasional aggression issues. To compound the issue also have a 1 year old puppy in the house. With professional training done I was still noticing my dog on edge at times especially when his space would be encroached by the puppy. Since introducing mellow mammals treats, my dog has been noticeably more calm and playful around the puppy and at this price it’s hard to find a 10mg dose.

Eric - We are so pleased to hear that the treats are helping your babies live a more unified life together! Thank you for taking the time to leave feedback about your experience with our 10mg Dog Treats. Please check your email for a special thank you from us!