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Mellow Mammals 250mg Small Dog Oil
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Small Dog - 250mg Oil

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250mg Hemp Extract Oil

Smaller dogs tend to be more anxious and aggressive than other dog breeds.

Hemp extract has been shown to help balance the mind and soothe aggressive behaviors.  Nothing will replace training and consistent owner/dog interactions, however, Mellow Mammals 250mg oil can help your dog live a calmer, healthier and happier life.

One 30ml bottle of our THC-free formula provides a full 30-day supply for a 20lb dog!  That’s just $0.58 per serving, ($0.14 per mg), for the incredible healing properties of hemp extract for your fur baby!

Mellow Mammals strives to provide your dog with the absolute safest, most reliable and affordable hemp extract products on the planet.  Our main concern will always be your dog’s health and well-being.  This oil is 100% free of THC, additives and flavorings that can dilute and alter the effectiveness of the product. 

Mellow Mammals 250mg oil is just two things…  99% pure hemp extract from USA grown and registered medicinal hemp and pure hemp seed oil.  That’s it.  No added anything!  Your dog’s health and well-being is just too important to us.

Try a bottle today with the full confidence of a 30-day money back guarantee. 

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Customer Reviews

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We are so happy that you find our product helpful. Thank you for placing your trust in our brand!
Still adjusting
We are building our brand on honesty and very much appreciate you taking the time share your experience with our 250mg oil. We elected to set our recommended dosing on the bottle to the lowest possible guidelines. We believe this will allow correct dosing to be determined without wasting product and money. It can be a bit tricky because several factors can play a part in success with CBD and pets, such as breed, diet, metabolism and physical activity, as well as age. If your pug will allow it, try applying the oil along the gum line for faster absorption, maybe that will help. We are always available to answer questions and we look forward to the updated review, good or bad. CBD is pretty amazing, but is not a miracle and simply may not have much effect for some. Good luck and thank you for placing your trust in our brand.
New treats
Thank you for your kind words! Our motto is 'Pets before Profit' and it is nice to hear that message is being shown.
Excellent Product for our Dog
Loving it!