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Mellow Mammals 500mg Medium Dog Oil
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Medium Dog - 500mg Oil

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500mg Hemp Extract Oil

Medium sized dog breeds range widely and are known to be gentle, intelligent, playful, active and protective.  Just like humans, their personalities and health conditions vary greatly and can be dependent on many factors including their environment.  Hemp extract works at the cellular level to restore a state of balance to the internal bodily systems despite the outside fluctuations in the environment.

One 30ml bottle of our THC-free formula provides a full 30-day supply for a 40lb dog!  That’s just $.99 per serving, ($0.11 per mg), for the incredible wellness properties of hemp derived hemp extract for your fur baby!

Mellow Mammals strives to provide your dog with the absolute safest, most reliable and affordable hemp extract products on the planet.  Our main concern will always be your dog’s health and well-being.  This oil is 100% free of THC, additives and flavorings that can dilute and alter the effectiveness of the product. 

Mellow Mammals 500mg oil is just two things…  99% pure hemp extract from USA grown and registered, organic, medicinal hemp and pure hemp seed oil.  That’s it.  No added anything!  Your dog’s health and well-being is just too important to us.

Try a bottle today with the full confidence of our 30-day money back guarantee. 

Customer Reviews

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Jen Lowe
Diesel and his injury..

We have used Mellow Mammals cbd oil on several of our animals... so there was no doubt that they were the first call I made. I always see a huge difference the next day when I start this cbd oil! I know its working because I actually see results...and that is why I always use Mellow Mammals.

Thank you so much for not only supporting our brand and sharing your stories, but for the amazing work you guys do to rescue horses, dogs and cats! You guys are truly amazing people and we are honored to be a small part of your animals lives.

Carmela Parisi
I will never buy another brand but this one!

I 1000% RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT! First, I want to let everyone know I have tried different CBD products for my huskies. They do work , some might not be as strong but I always do my research and I never just buy anything on amazon or a brand I never heard of. I do my due diligence and extensive research and in the past I have used good products but I have never had the results I've had with Mellow Mammals CBD. The rescue we adopted our husky, Puck from recommended this brand and so from my first order to my (lost count) numerous orders and counting I have seen a significant difference in Puck. I have a review on the 1000mg for same dog but I realized he didn't need as much so this works perfectly great for his weight (68lbs). Puck is a husky that was surrendered and I met him at the rescue where I volunteer, when we brought him home the first time we left him alone he did some damage. We started him on this CBD oil and I can finally say he is a COMPLETELY CHANGED DOG!! He is no longer in a crate, he lays on the couch all day and waits for us to come home, no issues, he is calm and happy, he isn't lethargic, but a happy, healthy, amazing dog! I do credit our training, the patience, the trust he has in us as well, but to be able to take him off everything completely I wholeheartedly credit Mellow Mammals CBD! NO QUESTION! I highly recommend this product because it has done wonders for our sweet and amazing husky. Thanks Mellow Mammals for helping our husky be just that ..a husky!! You have a customer for life now because I trust this brand and I have seen the difference with my own eyes. Also, if this is good enough for a husky rescue it's good enough for me!! Thank you from Carmela and Puck :)

My apologies for taking so long to respond to this amazing review! We are so happy to be a small part in your beautiful husky's life. Your kind words mean the world to us and it is stories such as these that keep us motivated and moving forward to add more products, do more research and be the best we can be! Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and for being such a friend to our brand!