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Mellow Mammals 1000mg Large Dog Oil
Mellow Mammals 1000mg Large Dog Oil - Dose Chart
Mellow Mammals 1000mg Large Dog Oil - Ingredients
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Large Dog - 1000mg Oil

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1000mg Hemp Extract Oil

Your large breed dog has special concerns...

Hemp is safe, legal and healthy. Cannabinoids are a good thing for your large breed dog...


Your dog has an endocannabinoid system (ECS), just as you do.  The endocannabinoid system is the largest and arguably the most important of all the body systems.  The ECS has receptors located in all other systems and organs and has a primary mission of homeostasis.

Hemp extract, when taken daily, allows the ECS to remain in a state of homeostasis because the ECS has receptors at the cellular level that respond to hemp extract and help the system remain in balance.  The body naturally produces chemicals that do the same thing, however, most mammals are deficient due to diet and environment.  This is why it is so important to take quality hemp extract daily.

Mellow Mammals 1000mg oil is the answer for your large breed dog.

Your big guy/girl deserves it and for less than the cost of a fast-food burger, ($2.83 per serving and $0.08 per mg), for a daily dose of life altering hemp extract for your pup, how can you afford not to?  

Buy today and enjoy a happier and healthier life with your dog.

Customer Reviews

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Chris Meares

Large Dog - 1000mg Oil

Amazing results

We have a boxer mix with an unknown age. The vet thinks he is somewhere between 13 and 15. He even commented on how he had never seen a boxer the age of our beloved Oogie. He had been crying a lot, trouble getting up from laying down. He had a rough life before we adopted him. He needed to be carried up the steps and a few times he fell down while trying to walk. Then, one day he could not stand up. He stopped crying. He didn't want to eat. We were almost certain that his time was up. But then we tried the CBD oil. Oogie was like a new dog after one dose. He's running around the backyard yelling at the neighbors in the alley. He's eating normally again. He still needs help getting up the stairs but sometimes I wish I had someone to carry me up the steps. I would highly recommend this to anybody with a senior dog. Thank you.

Justin... Thank you so much for trusting our product with your boxer mix! It is so heartbreaking to watch our beloved pets suffering. To know that we had a hand in giving him some relief and allowing a little more time for joy is so amazing and exactly why we started Mellow Mammals! Your review literally brought tears to our eyes... Thank you and we sincerely hope that Oogie and your family share many more memories together!

Product works well

I use the oil for my 12 yr old Saint Bernard. It really seems to help him.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with others. We are very glad that our 1000mg Large Dog Oil has provided some relief and allowed him to live a healthier and happier life.

Carmela Parisi
Husky with separation anxiety

We rescued a husky who was surrendered from Raven's Rescue in Sycamore. When we brought him home he did some slight damage to the house when we left him, we then built him a large kennel inside our living room and after months of routine and 1000mg of CBD we are able to leave him now for a few hours at a time with no issues outside his kennel. We watch him on camera and he just sits on the couch and waits. That is an amazing accomplishment and he has made such huge strides from where he was only a few months ago. I owe this to not only routine but the Mellow Mammals CBD oil which I truly believe in the amazing effects of CBD. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. I am a customer for life! I wish more people would turn to CBD oil rather than harsh medication!! I really believe CBD is the way to go and I love your product. Puck and I will be ordering again soon!!

Carmela and our husky, Puck :)

We are so happy that our oil is helping Puck to live a healthier and happier life! Thank you so much for your kind words and for trusting our brand. We are truly humbled and blessed to have such amazing customers such as yourself!